All appliances sold today should have an EnerGuide rating that comes clearly posted. If they are ENERGY STAR rated, they will have that sticker affixed on them, as well. If you can’t find that information on the appliance, refer to the ENERGY STAR and EnerGuide websites for a product listing.

Ranges, stoves and ovens, can use natural gas and/or electricity as their fuel source. Switching fuel from electricity to natural gas, in these cases, is advised as they will cook faster, more evenly and will use less energy than purely electrical models.

Flooring that is synthetic is not the most eco-friendly choice. Consider changing the flooring to tile, hardwood, cork or bamboo for a more earth-friendly option.


  • Building Envelope
  • Bedrooms/Home Office
  • Washrooms
  • Kitchen
  • Laundry Room
  • Basement
  • Heating and Cooling
  • Exterior

Important Component

  • Description of the area of the home and a breakdown of the Checklist section that deals with that area.
  • Tips that you can easily implement for little or no cost to improve comfort and energy efficiency in your home.
  • Upgrade Opportunities that address home improvements that take a greater commitment, either of time or money, and could significantly improve a home’s comfort and energy efficiency. These can be done by a homeowner who has skills in this area or a professional.

Our Energy Conservation consulting services are structured to address a individual’s end-to-end needs

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